How We Recruit

Our 5-step methodology consistently guarantees outstanding results and ensures predictable hiring of right-fit talent for your team. Here are the 5-step methodology:

Establish Corporate Objectives

We start by understanding your corporate and go-to-market strategies plus business objectives so our recruitment strategy is aligned with your core goals.

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Employer Branding Consultation:

We offer bonus employer branding consultation designed to generate employer value propositions that will enhance your company’s reputation as a choice employer in your industry. We equally seek to understand the intrinsically linked Give and Get with credible consequence between what’s expected from the talents and what they stand to gain from working in your business.

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Outline Attributes of Your Ideal Candidate:

We profile your ideal candidate with a thorough definition of the skills, experience, and proficiencies necessary to be successful in the role.

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Targeted Search:

Backed by our dedicated research team, we search and find passive talents with outstanding track records in your industry. We then promote the employer value propositions (EVP) of working in your business to each candidate and attract the best talent(s) to your company.

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Right-Fit Assessment:

We rigorously test all short-listed candidates by leveraging a mix of tools including “win-it-in a minute” video, behavior-based interview, psychometric profiling and referral checks.

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