Interview Advice for Candidates

We have seen candidates utilise a variety of approaches successfully – ranging from the very conservative to the highly risky. However, on the whole there are a few basic rules you can follow that will ensure you are best placed to do well and secure the position.

Research and Preparation

Researching the client is essential before you meet with any potential future employer. A client will expect, at the very least, that you know the basics about their company to clearly demonstrate an interest in their organisation. However, this is the minimum and we would recommend that you take the time to research the company and the position in detail. We will be able to assist with this.

Look at the industry and market trends for the company including everything from their last financial report through to the markets the company operates in, research competitor websites and trade publications through to confirming their company values. Having done this give some thought as to how you see yourself working within the company and how you can add value.


As the saying goes “you only get one chance to make a first impression” – so make it count. Look good, feel good and believe that you will be successful.

Always make sure that your personal presentation is impeccable - from your suit and shoes, to your eye contact and handshake. Use a firm handshake (even the ladies) and thank your interviewer for the opportunity to meet them. Don’t slouch in the chair, sit slightly forward in an attentive manner and don’t forget to smile – it helps everybody relax. Often your interviewer can be just as nervous as you.


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The interviewer will almost always ask for a brief run down about you and your background. Prepare and practice a short summary of your background, highlighting key areas of achievement that you think will be of interest to them.

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