When you post recruitment adverts for business development roles, are you pleased with the response? Do you feel your adverts should bring in far more applicants or far better-quality candidates than they currently generate? Many employers fall into the trap of thinking that hiring quality business development talents is a matter of hit or miss? It should not be so because there are proven strategies that could position your business as a choice employer in your industry.

In this concluding part of the two-part series, we will explore five more strategies that could help.

1. Provide a Clear Pathway for Career Advancement: Ambition is a key trait shared by most top-tier business development talents. In order to attract and retain high-performing talents, they need to be able to see a clearly defined career advancement pathway. It is important to share the vision for future advancement from the beginning and provide them with guidance on how to get there.

2. Apply Behaviour-based Interview format: Research has shown a low correlation between good interview performance and marketplace sales results. In the business development space, it’s all about attitudes and behaviors, so to improve your odds, you should implement a behaviour-based interview process that includes opportunities for candidates to demonstrate their key selling behaviours.  The behavior-based interview will help you gauge prospective candidates’ confidence levels and their most likely approach to potential customers in the marketplace.

3. Be Real: From the onset, it is imperative to disclose the day-to-day activities and all aspects of business development role that may be more uninviting such as cold-calling and door-knocking. By being open, honest, and revealing an insider view of the company, you will gain the candidate’s trust rather than promoting an overly glorified image of the place in which they would be working.

4. Leverage Training to Become a Talent Magnet: According to Professor Groysberg of Harvard Business School, the only viable long-term strategy to gain a competitive advantage in hiring top sales talent is to:

  1. Recruit and hire smart, hardworking candidates.
  2. Train them to become high-performing salespeople.
  3. Retain them.

Your goal should be to become a “talent magnet,” a place where smart, ambitious candidates want to work.

5. Demonstrate Valuable Purpose in the Role: Being a business development manager is a valuable and important job, but companies may need to work harder to demonstrate that to prospective candidates. It’s important for candidates to understand that your business has an important mission and that their role impacts others. Research has shown that employees who derive meaning from their employment are more than three times as likely to stay with their employer.

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In the next edition, we will explore the key attributes of a high-performing Key Account Manager in the topic: Key Traits of High Performing Key Account Manager. Watch this space!!

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