Is your business losing business development talent contest? Are you disappointed with the quality of applicants from job board adverts, struggling with high turnover, or plagued by existing team member’s disengagement? These are frustrating challenges both small and multi-national companies are grappling with around the world today.

As the global competition for talent heats up, your business must do more to attract, engage, and retain top-tier business development talents it needs to succeed. At FieldWork Recruiting, we have researched and developed ten key strategies you can apply and improve your business prospects in the contest for high-in-demand business development talents.

In Part 1 of this two-part series, here are five key strategies that could help:

1. Deploy Employer Branding Initiatives: To attract top-performing business development talents to work in your business, you must optimise your business reputation as an employer. You also need to understand the culture of your workplace and learn how to communicate the key attributes to attract the talents you need. These will differentiate your business to the point that skillful and high-in-demand talents in your industry will be seeking for opportunities to join your business.

2. Craft A Compelling Job Description: Instead of posting repetitive job adverts and hoping quality candidates apply, it’s better to create a compelling job description that spells out the role core value exchange. This means a clear definition of intrinsically linked Give and Get with credible consequences between what’s expected from a Business Development Manager and what they stand to gain from joining your business.

3. Offer Competitive Remuneration and Benefits: Having competitive remuneration and benefits package for Business Development positions plays a significant role in the attraction and retention of top-performing candidates.  It is important to evaluate your industry standards to ensure your salary and achievement rewards align with current market rates.

4. Focus on the Team: Talents may join your business for the pay, but at the end of the day, they will stay for the people in your team. So, it’s very important to describe your business culture to gauge whether or not the atmosphere and team will be the right match for the candidate. Having said that, it is equally rewarding to entrench a positive work environment that nurtures collaboration, open interaction, and teamwork which in turn enhance employee satisfaction and reduce churn.

5. Apply Targeted Hiring Tactics: Considering that majority of high-performing business development talents are for the most part passive job seekers, waiting for them to apply through job boards could be time-consuming, to say the least. It makes sense to consider the services of a specialist recruiter who can head-hunt and directly reach out to high-quality candidates on your behalf.

At FieldWork Recruiting, we can help you attract and recruit high-in-demand business development talents you need. With our head-hunting strategies, we can search and find top-tier candidates in your industry within a short time.

We equally offer bonus employer branding management consultation for all our new clients. Just reach out to our friendly team on 1300 375 910 or better still, email me directly.

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In next edition, we will explore the remaining five strategies: Is Your Business Losing Business Development Talent Contest? (Part 2) Watch this space!!

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